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How I Learned To Embrace My Blackness as a Dominican Woman

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Self - Care For Winter

If you are a sun loving body who resides in a place with cold winters there is the probability you will have a hard time acclimating to the drop in temperature and losing the sun at 4:30 p.m. So how do we get through the winter?

The group I organize with, La Sala, recently hosted a community event titled Se Fue La Luz

There I shared a few tips on how our sun-loving bodies can compensate for the lack of warmth:

  • Align your diet to the season. Eat root vegetables and seasonal vegetables to maintain a healthy gut and help detox your body naturally. By buying seasonally you can also save money!

  • Add warm spices to your dishes. Cinnamon, cumin, curry, and chili powder are just a few.

  • Shift your workout to less straneous activity… think yoga, stretching.

  • Sleep early and more. Go for no less than 8 hours a night.

  • Dry brush to remove dead skins & use natural oils. Here is an article that explains the technique and benefits. Hydrate your skin with coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil afterwards.

  • Less ice and cold water - opt for warm and room temp water.

  • Make soups with vegetables like pumpkin, squash, cauliflower (seasonal vegetables!). Pumpkin and squash can be added to beans, too. Make natural vegetable broth with vegetables that are about to go bad or leftovers.

  • If you’re experiencing a cold or flu stay away from dairy! Alternatives to dairy are vegan cheeses (cashew cheese, almond cheese), almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk. If you want ice cream, go for non-dairy ice cream. My go to brand is So Delicious.

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